I call this photoset, “Geese being assholes”.

The first few photos are of a goose that pushed a pair of Red-Necked Grebes off their nest and took over. They yelled at him a lot but considering the canada goose jacket sale size difference, it didn’t have much effect.

The rest of the photos are a goose reacting to a dog who got too close to the nest. Remember to always leash your dogs in wildlife areas! An angry goose (or, heaven help you, a swan) can really hurt your dog, and vice versa. Geese may not be popular but all wildlife deserve to be left alone by a dog who could have been on a leash.

Canadian geese aren’t exactly “well loved”, but they are pretty cool. Up to 11 different subspecies have been described, and one of them has canada goose mens even been declared a separate species, the Cackling Goose. So if you ever see a tiny Canadian goose with a short neck, you can show off by pointing out that it could be another species entirely!

Check out everything you could want to know about them at the online bird bible, All About Birds: click here!

It used to be that Canada geese, Branta canadensis, headed south for the winter months. But urban expansion has left more open waters available to the geese in the winter months, as well as an abundance of grass — whether in yards or in parks.

From their perspective, there is canada goose jacket mens no need to head south when what they need already is here.

But, there is a price to pay for having the geese stick around pretty much all year long.

Heaven help you if you come to close to their nest in the spring, or if you come between them and their goslings. Then, they canada goose outlet online can display a hissing, nipping, wing-beating fury. They have been known to coopt parking lots near their nesting sites. Drivers facing this not only must find a parking spot, but they also might face a goose gantlet to return to their vehicles when it’s time to leave.

Then, of course, there are their canada goose outlet sale droppings. They graze on grass, and they litter the ground in their wake with some call “goose grease,” which is gross enough to begin with, but can be slippery hazard should you step in some.

Nevertheless, Canada geese are majestic in their way. Their size is great among waterfowl like ducks. Also unlike ducks, whose hurried wing beats in flight give the impression of small missiles on an urgent errand, Canada geese have a slower but more powerful wingbeat that gives them a regal grace.

I’ve longed to catch that canada goose outlet store grace in flight, but photographing any bird in flight is a challenge. One of my goals is to get what I consider a really good photo of a Canada goose in flight. But it takes practice and patience.

I came closer to capturing the image I want on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015, when I visited the Riverwalk south of the Kimball Street Dam in downtown Elgin, Illinois.

The images I captured Tuesday are not precisely what I want, but I was pleased with what I was able to shoot. They represent progress, and I’d rather be moving forward in this endeavor than making no progress at all.

Patience is the toughest part. It’s not just a matter of frequent visits to spots where the geese hang out; it also means finding a spot that is not canada goose womens too close to them to wait for some to fly. That’s tricky enough — a passerby might startle some into flight at any moment, and frequently out of good camera range.

In addition, Canada geese are protected under federal and state migratory waterfowl laws, which prohibit harassment of the animals. Essentially, that means I should not walk out into the flock in order to scare them into flight.

So I go out and find them, then I wait, walking around their periphery and taking photos of them on the ground while I wait for some to go airborne.

I can afford to be patient, and each effort brings a little more encouragement, as well as frustration. But I am moving forward, getting closer to my goal.